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Early Years Program

Our early-years program is a child-centred strength-based program heavily driven by individual goals. Our Support team aim to collaborate with families and care services to provide a safe inclusive environment and a quality capacity-building program.


All of our team are experienced in disability and early childhood support; a combined level of care not typically found in other services. The Program has been developed to encourage meaningful and intentional learning and is child centred delivered in a small group environment.

We provide opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach by engaging with the child's individual allied health services to collaborate with our team to directly improve the child’s quality of care and progression of their goals.


Our program is developed under the guidance of Occupational therapist, who works collaboratively with our team of supports to deliver a well-

rounded plan with cohesive outcomes for all children. The OT is involved in all aspects of the process including, program design, development and participation in delivery and individualised goal setting for all children. Our team of supports endeavours to deliver a well-rounded program using effective strategies coupled with evidence-based concepts such as peer-based learning (PBL).


However, here at Ruby and Ollies, we do not believe that one shoe fits all and prefer to deliver a program that is suited to each child individually.


We encourage children to actively participate in social focused activities and work toward independence, self-confidence, executive function, and engagement within the community. We strive to deliver evidence-based practices that align with the families’ unique wants and needs and aim to assist with limitations and barriers that the child faces in their day-to-day life. This holistic approach has proven to be effective in many areas for the families we support and has demonstrated success when children transition into school environments.

Program Details

Ruby and Ollies actively strive toward inclusivity and our program of supports can cater to the following care needs:

  • High-intensity care needs including PEG and seizure.

  • Developmental delays

  • Complex physical and postural needs

  • Sensory Processing Disorders

  • Communication difficulties

  • Social and emotional regulation needs

  • Intellectual impairments

  • Neurological and Neurodivergent

The program is offered within a 9-week block over 4 terms across the year and for 3 days per week.


It is strongly encouraged that children engage in the program for a minimum 2 days per week to provide a consistent and effective outcome for the child and their families.


Optional session times to suit your funding needs:

3-hour session: 9 am - 12 pm 

5-hour session: 9 am - 2 pm


Fees are fixed rate and in line with NDIS support fees for a

1 : 2 ratio.

Capacity Building Outcomes:


Below are some of the key capacity-building outcomes that our wonderful team strive toward:

  • Social Skills

  • Self-Care and Independence

  • Executive Function

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Receptive & Expressive Language

  • Communication Strategies

  • Gross Motor & Fine Motor

  • Play Based Learning


These focus areas are coupled with the child’s individual goals and learning needs and are extended in various ways to reach idealised outcomes.

Booking Information

Should you wish to book your child into one of our programs or services, please complete the below Intake Form and return via email to:


Once we have received this, one of our team will contact you to discuss the care request and provide further documentation. 

NDIS Fee Information

National Disability Insurance Scheme  (Plan and Self Managed) participants can use their funding for these services.   


Please email us at for a quote.

Program Information Pack

Download our Early Years Program of Supports information pack below:

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